Re: DVD defects

Mary Dexter (
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 13:47:05 -0800 (PST)

Peter, are these possibly double-sided DVDs you are having problems with? We
decided not to go with the 3M overlays on DVD just for that reason. Though the
3M seems to work fine on music CDs and balance doesn't seem to be a problem
there. Just a thought. ~ Mary

Mary Dexter
Arapahoe Library District wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm wondering what experience other libraries are having with defective
> DVDs. We're having quite a few show up here that patrons report as
> unplayable. They have no visible physical damage, but either won't load or
> play for a while and then the picture breaks up. We're using 3M overlays
> for security. Possible causes we've come up with: manufacturing defects,
> disc/player incompatibility, playback interference from security strips on
> 3M overlays, instability caused by the 3M overlays. Comments on possible
> causes: If manufacturing defects were as widespread as our problem seems to
> indicate, we'd have heard about it by now (wouldn't we?); it doesn't seem at
> all likely that DVDs would play on some machines but not on others; 3M
> swears up and down that security strips shouldn't interfere with playback;
> the overlays are so lightweight it doesn't seem likely they'd cause an
> imbalance. So we're kinda stumped. Is anyone else having a similar
> experience, and if so do you have a surefire explanation for it?
> Thanks in advance for all replies,]
> Peter
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