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Paul Duckworth (
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 09:35:31 -0800 (PST)

re: Julie Spiegler's questions about a separate AV department.

Dear Julie, My library serves a community of about 220,000
people. We have a central resource facility and eight branches.

Two years ago, our downtown Carnegie Building, with a separate AV
department, was changed into a branch library and our resource
center collection was moved to a new building, The Library
Center. Our Carnegie building was three floors, with nooks and
crannies, and it made good sense there to have a separate AV area.

We purposely decided to no longer have a separate Audiovisual
Department in our new resource facility, for these reasons: 1)
save staffing 2) self-service layout of the building. Some of the
staff had concerns about service, but the transition has been for
the most part smooth. Some of the regular patrons of the old
facility, now a branch library, were disappointed to not have a
separate department.

We did not have listening/viewing facilities in the AV Department,
and no not have them now, other than "makeshift" when urgently
needed. This is less than ideal but not a major issue for us.

We do not have separate checkout or checkin for AV materials.
Separate checkin is more important than checkout. Security/theft
is not a major issue, but verification of parts, pieces, etc. is
important. It's a balance between staffing and optimal control.

Adult AV materials are shelved near our "new books" area in our
new building. Children's AV is in the adjacent children's area of
the Library. Take a look at our photo tour of the building at:

We have not considered interfiling AV materials with books. But,
we have made access more "user friendly" by classifying music by
genre instead of by dewey number. And, our fiction audiobooks are
in the process of being re-classified as fiction, with genre,
instead of having the dewey number of 813. Next, no doubt, we
will consider taking the movie videos out of 791.43 and
classifying them differently.

Please contact me if I can help with other questions. Thanks, Paul

Paul Duckworth
Collection Development Coordinator
Springfield-Greene County Library District
417-874-8120 x223

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