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Mary Dexter (
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 08:12:57 -0800 (PST)

I probably didn't make myself clear in my question. We too use feature films as
a subject heading. But my question is: are you using it as a topical heading or
a genre/form heading? (650 vs. 655 MARC tags) Thanks for your input.
Mary Dexter
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Jane Agee wrote:

> We use the subject headings "feature films," "documentary films" and
> "animation (cinematography)" with the geographical subdivision so that when
> a professor or student asks what films do you have from X country, we can
> point them to our online catalog. It's simply another access point for our
> patrons.
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> Subject: Feature films as subject heading
> I've found consistently in OCLC that even though a film has been
> cataloged using genre subject headings, the term "feature films" is
> always used as a topical heading. Is there a reason for this? Our use of
> 655 genre/form headings is fairly new to us, but everything we're read
> tells us that when "feature films" describes what the film is, not what
> it's about, is not placed in a 650. Can anyone shed any light on this
> for us? Thanks!
> Mary Dexter
> Arapahoe Library District