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I think you should order what you need. Many film distributors are quite
capable of using scare tactics to bully librarians into purchasing
something they have no use for, i.e., public perfomance rights. Others
offer "home use" and "public performance rights" at the same price point.
Distributors make their decisions based on market realities, and it's my
opinion that your primary responsibility of serving the needs of your
institution takes precedence over subsidizing the businesses of independent
film distributors.

Steve Bliss
Follett Audiovisual Resources

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Subject: Institutional v. Home Use Video

Today I was searching the Facets site and found two versions of the same
title: a home-use video priced at $40 and an institutional video with
performance rights for $90. This trend toward double-pricing has been
increasingly evident in the market. PBS now offers both home-use and
institutional video and will sell educational institutions either version.
Some other companies will not sell the home-use version to colleges at all,
but only to individuals. This effectively circumvents the classroom use
exemption for home-use- only videos.
What do you all think about this? I'm not sure how I feel. On the one
hand(Arab Film Distribution being a case in point), you have a distributor
doing important work that should/needs to be subsidized by the higher
On the other, the trend infringes on a very important and traditional
educational right.
If I continue to purchase home-use-only videos from PBS, as I mostly do
will I consider that short-sighted a few years down the road?
Thanks for your input.
Patricia Hornbeck
Middlebury College
Sunderland Language Center
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