Re: Why I want PPR for "Fitzcarraldo"

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Jessica said "educational" but the law is actually pretty specific. The
face-to-face teaching exemption states that you may use a home video --
without public performance rights -- without permission "in the course of
teaching." This excludes informal educational gatherings, like film
societies. The situation that started this discussion involved a
classroom showing for students enrolled in a course, so the face-to-face
teaching exemption would apply. But the instructor offers additional
showings that are open to anyone, not just the students enrolled in the
course. The interpretation is that the face-to-face teaching exemption
would not apply to those open showings, but it would apply if only the
students enrolled in the course were attending. It's "educational" for
the students not enrolled in the course but not face-to-face teaching.

See section 110.1:

-- Kris

On Fri, 8 Feb 2002, Eileen Karsten wrote:

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> "library for strictly for educational use and not for public showings."
> The problem is defining educational use. Many schools and colleges show films
> with a professor speaking on the film and discussion after the showing. These
> institutions consider that educational, especially if there is no charge to see
> it. Many film makers want to define educational as a showing in a classroom as
> part of instruction with registered students. But the copyright law is not that
> specific on what educational is or is not.
> Eileen Karsten
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