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John Muller (john.muller@SONOMA.EDU)
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 13:45:04 -0800 (PST)


"The Knights of the Algonquin" video was compiled by Kino on Video. From
IMDB: "Compilation of 9 uncut one-reelers featuring American humorists
Robert Benchley (2 from 1928, 4 from the 1940s), Donald Ogden Stewart (2
from 1929) and Alexander Woollcott (1 from 1945)". All of these shorts were
produced by Paramount.

Since Turner Classic Movies draws primarily from the MGM/UA library (with no
ties to Paramount), it is a pretty fair assumption that none of the shorts
on the Kino video appeared on the TCM program you mentioned.

FYI, the only MGM/UA video collection of Benchely shorts that I know of was
the 1994 laserdisc box set entitled "Cavalcade of MGM Shorts". Of the 34
short subjects included, 7 of them feature Benchley:

* How to Sleep (1935)
* Sunkist Stars at Palm Springs (1936)
* Sunday Night at the Trocadero (1937)
* Night at the Movies, A (1937)
* Music Made Simple (1938)
* Home Movies (1940)
* That Inferior Feeling (1940) (as Joe Doakes)

Hope this helps!

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> My co-worker owns the above video and was wondering if it's the same thing > that aired last night on TCM as "Robert Benchley Shorts" (she saw the > listing on the Prevue channel but doesn't subscribe to TCM, and it won't be > on again this month). Anyone happen to know if it's the same film? The > OCLC record for the above shows that it is indeed short films. There's no > further info on the TCM website. If "Robert Benchley Shorts" is a different > video then it doesn't appear to be available. > > Thanks -- > > Mike > > Mike Boedicker > Audiovisual Director & Webmaster > Danville Public Library > 319 N. Vermilion, Danville, IL 61832 > (217) 477-5223 ext. 123 / Fax: (217) 477-5230 > > > > > _________________________________________________________________ > Chat with friends online, try MSN Messenger: >