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John Holland (
Tue, 5 Feb 2002 07:04:56 -0800 (PST)

You neglected to mention that production you saw in Chicago also starred Ian
McKellan as the villain and Edward Petherbridge as the bishop brother. It was a
knockout and still ranks as one of the best productions of ANYTHING I have ever
seen in the theater. They did a "Cherry Orchard" during the same season of the
late lamented Chicago Int'l Theater Festival with all the same actors which
likewise remains a touchstone for Chekhov productions for me. Where are the
video cameras when you need them???

Jessica Rosner wrote:

> I am probably the only non theater professional to have seen THREE SEPERATE
> productions of this, Once in York UK with Janet Suzman ( Nicholas &
> Alexandra) one in Chicago with Eleanor Bron ( Bedazzled) and once ( eat your
> hearts out) in London with Helen Mirren & Bob Hoskins. A great bloody ,
> nasty play but alas apparently not on video
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