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<< We also have a 5 video set of Shoah (publisher listed as Paramount Home
Video/New Yorker Films) that is marked as having public performance rights.
We tend to be cautious about marking videos with public performance rights,
so I would not doubt that we had documentation at the time of purchase,
although we've had the videos so long I don't remember where they were
actually purchased. It had to have been 8-12 years ago.
Karen Fischer
AV Librarian
Mansfield/Richland County Public Library
Mansfield, OH 44902 >>

Well, as I told Rebecca in a private email, it's obvious from all these
emails and the language on the tapes that Paramount definitely did sell the
PPR to Shoah -- and I certainly can't imagine New Yorker having a problem
with any library who bought these rights in good faith.

For fun, I called the head of New Yorker and he said the same thing I did --
they never sublicense PPR rights but the money was so good in this one case
that he might have. He said he'd try to find that contract and let me know.

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