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Thu, 31 Jan 2002 16:55:56 -0800 (PST)

Here's a plug but I'm suprised no-one mentioned us...
Re:Voir has been publishing experimental films on video for eight years now.
We have a huge collection, from Richter in the 20s, Deren in the 40s, Mekas,
Brakhage, Snow and Jacobs in the 60s, right through contemporary films being
made now (Bill Morrison, Jeff Scher, French women filmmakers...). You can see
clips free on-line at Accompanying documentation make the
films accessible for the scholar or the uninitiated. Our high-end,
underscanned transfers from new prints or negatives and supervised by the
filmmakers are unparalleled. We are based in Paris but have started a US
branch which currently carries ten titles. These are indeed available at
Facets, but you must pay for the institutional rights. Until recently, Facets
has been selling our tapes to institutions at consumer rates which does not
provide you the pubic performance rights or lending rights necessary. You
must either work this out with a Facets representative or e-mail us directly
( for Europe, for the US and Canada). Please
visit our website or contact us for more information. And we need your
support: the lion's share of our income goes directly to the filmmakers (or
their torchbearers)!
Best to all of you,
Pip Chodorov, Re:Voir

<< Subject: Re: experimental cinema

It is very difficult to find experimental titles that are good film to
video transfers. The Angers and Derens are relatively fine but anything on
the defunct Video Yesterday label tends to be really substandard. A poor
VHS copy of a horribly lousy 16mm print does not make experimental film
appealing to scholars much less to public library patrons. Mike, this
really does need to be assembled piece meal. A good place to start is
Arthouse Inc., we bought a number of Brakhage
tapes from them. There's also Iota . They
have Robert Breer, Fischinger, Len Lye and others. And you can get a video
like The Genius of Norman McLaren from the National Film Board of Canada

Have fun.

Oksana >>