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<< Since I am apparently the only one on this list OLD enough to remember, the
chronology is this: PARAMOUNT was the FIRST to release SHOAH on video.
Whether they had it theatrically I don't know. Then Paramount lost the
rights and Shoah was out of release for some years. SHOAH was then picked up
by New Yorker and re-released a little over a year ago. Therefore the point
of light should most definitely point to New Yorker
Films (212 247 6110) >>

Actually, here's the whole story, though I must of heard this when I was back
in the cradle teething on Star War films. (Okay, I'll confess that I was
starting to date Amy at the time Shoah came out and she was working at New
Yorker -- so I'm ALSO old and know ALL the dirt).

Shoah was originally bought by Dan Talbot and New Yorker Films (in fact, they
continue to acquire Claude Lanzman's films) and they released it
theatrically, opening it at their Lincoln Plaza Cinemas. It was an ENORMOUS
success around the country, which I have my doubts can ever be duplicated

However, in a most unusual move for them and which they've only done a
handful of times, New Yorker then sub-licensed only the home video rights to
Paramount when the studio offered a wonderful and ungodly amount of money --
I even know the figure, but I'll remain the gentleman ;-). New Yorker still
retained all the other rights.

When Paramount's home video rights ran out, the rights reverted to New
Yorker. New Yorker then took their time, but in the end decided to re-release
the video themselves as Milos stated.

I'm fairly sure -- though not totally -- that New Yorker has always held the
PPR rights and Paramount never had them. That, you would have to talk to
Linda Duchin at New Yorker about. And say hi for me...

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