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Hi Oksana,

Thanks for the note.

Prices on the VHS tapes of ART CITY are $99 each and $250 for the
series. This includes public performance rights.

Thanks again for your interest.
Chris Maybach

PS This Sunday in the Washington Post there'll be a proper article on
these films and on the making of them.

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> Subject: Great VHS series on Modern Art
> Here is a just-completed 3-part series on contemporary art, called
> ART CITY about to Premiere at The National Gallery of Art
> in Washington D.C. which Robert Rosenblum, curator at the Guggenheim
> Museum calls:
> "A perfect time-capsule of the American art world as it goes into the
> 21st Century. This panoramic cross-section ranges from New York to Los
> Angeles, capturing critics, curators, dealers and artists of every stripe.
> Posterity should be grateful for this vivid document."
> * Peggy Parsons, film curator, National Gallery of Art writes:
> "A superb cinematic experience. The artists, the images, the music, the
> mood - it all blends so seamlessly, that I forgot I was watching an art
> documentary.’"
> * Louise Bourgeois just viewed and exclaimed:
> "These are important pictures!"
> * Mark Miller, a National Geographic Traveller editor writes:
> “A hell of a job. I mean, impeccable. Not one thing I would change or
> delete. These films deliver the feeling of experiencing a perfect
> presentation.”
> * Libby Lumpkin, curator, The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas writes:
> “They're terrific. I'd like for the UNLV Library to buy them
> and whatever other films you've produced."
> featured ARTISTS: Richard Tuttle, John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, Mike Bidlo,
> Lari
> Pittman, Michael Ray Charles, Agnes Martin, Louise Bourgeois, Elizabeth
> Peyton, Amy Adler, Richmond Burton, David Deutsch, Joan Snyder, Robert
> Williams,
> Dave Hickey...
> MUSIC by Beck, Charles Mingus, Count Basie, Roy Ayers, Tom Waits,
> Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ted Greene, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Claude Thornhill,
> Herbie Hancock...)
> ART CITY #2: Simplicity (59 mins. VHS)
> Travelling around the country, ART CITY: Simplicity takes viewers on a
> revealing trip into the studios and lives of a group of singular
> artists. On a desert mesa outside Santa Fe, Richard Tuttle invents his
> mysterious and marvellously humble forms, made of wire, cardboard, string,
> wood. In
> Taos, Agnes Martin rhythmically repeats extremely simplified images. In
> his studio by the Santa Monica surf, John Baldessari, a founding father of
> Conceptualism, aims for successful juxtapositions combining photographs
> with text. The imaginative tableaux of Robert Williams revel in surreal
> cartoon
> imagery, creations from his living room in the San Fernando Valley. At a
> cabin in
> Woodstock, Joan Snyder refines her sensuous art amid a lush birch
> forest. Mike Bidlo salutes Duchamp at a Manhattan Gallery, while in a
> Brooklyn brownstone, Carolyn Martin uses charcoal slabs to realize her
> visceral
> abstractions. On Sunset Boulevard, Amy Adler reclaims personal history
> through
> self-portraits, photographing her original drawings, then destroying the
> traces. Through this group of memorable iconoclasts, the creative “act” is
> there to see
> and study. Along with L.A. Times art critic Christopher Knight,
> writer/curator Dave Hickey, publisher Mat Gleason, and others, ART CITY:
> Simplicity
> touches on artists’ relations with the press, ambiguous feelings about
> showing
> one’s work, distilling concepts into an essence, and what it means to
> succeed in the artworld. (Music by Beck, Tom Waits, Charles Mingus, Count
> Basie,
> Ted Greene, Antonio Carlos Jobim...)
> ART CITY #3: A Ruling Passion (58 mins. VHS)
> Many artists use the pain, exhilaration and resolution of private
> desires to express themselves. ART CITY: A Ruling Passion focuses on
> intense personalities who’ve used their art to explore the emotional impact,
> or
> dark humor of psychological truths. Everything that Louise Bourgeois
> creates -
> whether in wood, marble, fabric or bronze - comes from memory of past
> experience. Michael Ray Charles investigates the marketing of black
> memorabilia,
> using early American illustrations and advertising imagery. Elizabeth Peyton
> reinvents portraiture, using her friends as subjects, as well as historical,
> and
> pop culture, royalty. Ed Ruscha’s literary landscapes burst from the
> physical world around him - the world “right outside the window.” The
> comic spirit of Lari Pittman contrasts with his graphic and painterly
> declarations.
> Tucked away in a landmark house, Richmond Burton remembers his dreams to
> build
> a “psychic field” of abstraction. The telescopic vistas and Pantheon-like
> arrays of
> featureless faces by David Deutsch are stimulated by sub-conscious
> sensations. Along with writer/curator Dave Hickey, New Museum founder Marcia
> Tucker, and others, ART CITY: A Ruling Passion plumbs issues that affect
> artists -
> preoccupations of startling universality - like community, motivation and
> controversy,
> finding one’s audience, and just “getting it right.” (Music by Beck,
> Charles Mingus, Roy Ayers, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Claude Thornhill, Piero
> Umiliani,
> Joey Altruda, Herbie Hancock...)
> ART CITY #1: Making it in Manhattan (59 mins. VHS)
> Unlike any art movie you've ever seen, ART CITY is informed
> entertainment about the people who make contemporary art. Artists,
> collectors, and dealers bring to life the art capital of the world, New
> York, as it
> plunges into the 21st Century. Presenting a cross-section of artists, the
> film
> discusses inspiration, aesthetic issues, and the meaning of success. With
> Louise
> Bourgeois, Brice Marden, Chuck Close, Neil Jenney, Elizabeth Murray, Pat
> Steir,
> Ashley Bickerton, Gary Simmons, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Caio Fonseca,
> Rirkrit Tiravanija,
> Richmond Burton, St. Clair Cemin, Emma Amos, George McNeil, Cletus Johnson,
> John
> Torreano, Ivan Karp, Jay Gorney, Matthew Marks, Jerry Saltz, Herb & Dorothy
> Vogel, and
> others. From abstraction to figuration, from installation to conceptual art,
> from the
> privacy of the doctor's office to the posh gallery opening, the film
> captures the
> reality of a special world. (Music by Tom Waits, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ronnie
> Jordan,
> George van Eps, Piero Umiliani w/Chet Baker, & The Don Braden Quintet)
> "...captures New York artists, dealers, and collectors at their
> liveliest and most candid." -The Washington Post
> "This remarkable film gives us the sense of seeing art today
> with absolute clarity and truth" -Arthur C. Danto, The Nation
> "Anyone who knows anything about the perils of talking heads and
> flapping tongues on film must marvel at this insightful job."
> -Andrew Sarris, Film Critic, New York Observer
> Please contact me for purchase of this video series for your Library.
> I'd love to hear your thoughts on making these films available to students.
> Best Regards,
> Chris Maybach
> director/producer