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After September 11, our library director asked us to have a TV in the
library tuned to CNN at all times. The logical place to have that was on our
floor of the library (Media Services). So, it's setup, with
closed-captioning (no sound). During the playoffs and World Series, rabid
baseball fans figured out how to turn the channel to ESPN. Other than that,
no huge problems with the setup. I don't see a lot of people watching it
lately, but it's there.

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Do any of you provide cable or satellite TV access to patrons in your
libraries? At one time (in our old building) we had an antenna and
provided access to a few stations. The library didn't have problems
with patrons coming in and parking all day and didn't need to
schedule the TVs. Of course, cable or satellite tv would be much more
attractive and it's likely we would have that problem.

I'd appreciate hearing about your experiences in this realm.