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Fri, 25 Jan 2002 12:29:21 -0800 (PST)

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the report (I really did miss going and am looking forward to
ALA). On the pet peeves, I've had mixed success with soliciting outside
editorial in the past--either vendors generally want to submit what amounts
to thinly veiled ads, or no one sends in anything. Still, I'll keep it in
mind (might be a good idea to float the question on the vidlib listserv once
a year).

On the fundraising side, I can't remember whether I passed this contact on
to you or not:

Peter Mason, MediaNet (902-422-1973, x151;

He told me at Gala last year that he wanted to contribute. Also, don't
forget to send me a letter. I'm good for $250 (regardless of the national
economics situation :)



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> Hi Randy,
> Loved the editorial in the latest issue of VL. I'd add to that: DVD cases
> that hold the disc so tightly it has to be twisted like silly putty to
> remove.
> Have you ever thought about running an annual pet peeves article/list,
> input from readers? I'm sure we could all generate many items, and not
> trivial ones. One of my biggest peeves is when vendors like A&E or
> Channel sell videos in plain cases. I've heard their arguments about
> library markets being a niche for them, and thus not wanting to spend time
> on packaging, but I don't buy it.
> And on a related note, for the column on creative ad copy: I ordered
> "Wilderness USA," a 2-tape travel set which came in today. Didn't realize
> when I ordered it that: it's from Madacy; and it's recorded in the EP
> (or I wouldn't have bothered). The package reads "Recorded in the highest
> quality EP mode"! Gee, didn't realize there were levels of quality for
> just thought they all sucked.
> We missed you at Midwinter. Covered a lot of ground, including some
> interesting new business on establishing a VRT scholarship and a digital
> technology interest group. Becky should have the minutes done shortly.
> Time for me to start the Gala fundraising. Lisbeth was merciful and said
> they shouldn't expect me to raise as much as you had last year, since I
> don't have your number of contacts. Rick suggested a call first, then a
> follow-up letter a month later. He also said most vendors don't mind
> contacted and are actually upset then they're NOT.
> Anyway, just wanted to fill you in on the latest and say hi (in a
> way).
> Mike
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