Re: Dubbing rights from defunct distributors/producers

Thu, 24 Jan 2002 13:09:42 -0800 (PST)

Oksana D. has steered me to a course of action that was spelled out
online. Thanks very, very much.

If I read this correctly, I should search again for the current
copyright holder by submitting an information request to forums like this
and to some of the Canadian a/v copyright collectives listed at Keep a record of
this search, including any other strategies that occur.
Apply to the Copyright Board of Canada for a special license (of what
duration?), describing the item and its original producers, and submitting
proof of the search. The Board may grant a license and declare a fee which
will be paid to a copyright collective and held for a set number of years
Any undiscovered copyright holder may apply for reimbursement to the
collective. After a set number of years (5 years after license expiry?),
the collective absorbs the outstanding fee as general revenue.
My institution does not get reimbursed as I had whimsically hoped.

The Copyright Act, 30.1 (1)(a)(ii) says I can make a new copy for
preservation purposes, but seems to imply this is only for individual
consultation, not for classroom use. Therefore the special license
mentioned above is required.

Working at a partially state-funded institution, I used to think I
"worked for the government", but I realize now that I am only in the
outermost of the nine rings.
Stephen D.
Mount Royal College, Calgary