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John Holland (
Thu, 24 Jan 2002 11:32:48 -0800 (PST)

I think you and I are both out of luck. I have never run across any videos (in
any format) of Susannah, Partenope, or Thais - even from catalogs like Opera
Fanatic, which lists some videos of questionable legitimacy. I suspected that
the Sweeney Todd video was out of print but I keep hoping for a DVD reissue,
especially with all the Sondheim celebrations which seem to be springing up
around the country (Ravinia, Kennedy Center, New York, etc). I haven't seen a
DVD issue of the Met Ring cycle yet, but the Patrice Chereau Bayreuth
production has come out on DVD (which for my money is far more interesting to
watch). Many of the VHS copies of operas previously available have been
withdrawn, including most (all?) of the Polygram label stuff, which would
include the Met Ring.
As a bit of trivia - there was a silent film based on Thais starring Mary
Garden, herself a famous singer of that role and other Massenet operas, but I
have never seen it listed as available on video. It is probably one of those
oldies that has disintegrated and is only known through stills. I'll defer to
Jessica on that one.

"Tatar, Becky" wrote:

> The 2002/03 Chicago Lyric Opera Season is just around the corner (Really!),
> and I am trying to find both video and/or dvd for the following titles. I
> have just about searched everywhere, so it may be that they are not
> available.
> 1. Partenope - Handel VCT and DVD
> 2. Sweeney Todd - Sondheim VCT and DVD ( The video with Angela
> Lansbury and George Hearn is currently op.)
> 3. Susannah - Floyd VCT and DVD
> 4. Thais - Massenet VCT and DVD
> 5. The Ring Cycle - Wagner - 1990/Levine, Metropolitan Opera DVD
> ( I already have the information for Die Walkure)
> I have to say, that in all the years we have been purchasing the videos of
> the titles the Lyric is presenting, this is the worst year for apparent
> availability. Thanks in advance.
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