Dubbing rights from defunct distributors/producers

Thu, 24 Jan 2002 11:14:24 -0800 (PST)

Can anyone explain to me how a library can set aside fees for dubbing
a video (from a 16mm original, or whatever) when the rights holder has
vanished? I understood that a library could set up an account where the
money would be held for a length of time (how long?) after which the
library could declare a "statute of limitations" and reclaim the money.
I can't imagine getting this past our auditors, but we have some 16mms
which are fading away on us and the instructors are quite devoted to them.
Anecdotally, one is about children at play, and the instructor insists that
we don't play as well as we used to, so the 30-year old film is a better
demonstration than anything currently available.
I am particularly interested in hearing if anyone has done this in a
Canadian context.

Stephen Davies
Mount Royal College, Calgary