Copyright Compliance

Lynn Himmelsbach (
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 09:14:17 -0800 (PST)

ST. LOUIS - Movie Licensing USA, Licensing Agent for Walt Disney, Warner
Bros., Paramount, DreamWorks, Columbia, Sony, MGM and other major motion
picture studios, now provides Movie Copyright Compliance Site Licensing to
public libraries for the public performance of entertainment videos. The
Movie License ensures copyright compliance for showing of films in the
library facilities which were produced by the studios represented.
Neither the rental, purchase nor lending of a copyrighted videocassette or
DVD automatically carries with it the right to show a movie outside the home
except in certain limited teaching situations in schools. Public libraries
do not enjoy any such exemptions from copyright law. Therefore, permission
from each copyright owner has been required to ensure compliance with the
law when showing copyrighted movies for special programs in a library. The
movie license also protects a library when outside groups use the facilities
to show copyrighted movies.
Carol Simpson, copyright authority, states, "If you have any doubt that your
activities are within the law, first read the law itself. It is available
free of charge from the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress as
Circular 99. If in doubt, consult an attorney-preferably one who specializes
in intellectual property (commonly listed as copyrights, trademarks, and
patterns, or some combination of those terms)."
Free and detailed information regarding Movie Licensing and Movie Copyright
Compliance Site Licenses for Public Libraries is available. Call toll-free
1-888-267-2658 or write: Movie Licensing USA, 201 S. Jefferson Avenue, St.
Louis, Missouri 63103-2579. A website is also available at

Note: Permission is granted to post this News Release on any Public Library