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Susan Weber (
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 09:46:20 -0800 (PST)

Your users & the purpose of your collection should be foremost. Are you
If not, then weeding items not used in 10 years is reasonable.
The amount of space you have is an important factor. Can you afford to keep
on the shelf which haven't moved in 10 years?

If your University has Histology courses, in your ex. below, then either
your faculty or students don't
use visuals on VHS (perhaps they use slides?) or it's too long to be useful.
At any rate, videos have lasted far longer than anyone predicted they would, so
deterioration may not be evident after 10 years.
Clothing & hair styles are determinants of age sometimes before image

If the content reflects social situations or lifestyles no longer current,
the viewers will discount the
message, no matter how good it is.
Good luck with your project,

At 03:20 PM 02/01/17, you wrote:
>Hello Videolibers,
>I need your suggestions.
>We are in the process of archiving our 16mm, and weeding our VHS educational
>titles (not feature films or documentaries). Our breakdown is either:
>1) zero use since 1992
>2) scant use before 1995, and zero use since.
>Question: regarding VHS educational titles, how old is too old to be useful,
>e.g., is there any point in keeping a title like, Visual histology: Bone, by
>University of Colorado Health Sciences Center c1989, if has seen zero use
>since 1992? What other criteria should we be considering before we discard
>or mothball video items?
>Thanks folks! Jan
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