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Ronin Films has a very useful web site at :

and they still have "Land Bilong Islanders" listed for sale.

Their address is :
PO Box 1005
Civic Square
Canberra ACT 2608
Phone: 02 6248 0851
Fax: 02 6249 1640

"Who Killed Malcolm Smith?" was released by Film
Australia but they seem to only have
Australian rights. Might be worth contacting them any way?

"My survival as an Aboriginal" was Made with the assistance of the Creative
Development Branch of the Australian Film Commission. We hold it (and the
other titles) but we have had it so long that I don't have any supplier
information. The Australian Film Commission has
also released other films by Essie Coffey. It might be worth emailing them
and asking them if they know where the video can be purchased from?

Hope this helps,

Kate Vaux
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At 07:20 17/01/02, you wrote:
>Hi ,
> I am having trouble finding these titles available anywhere in the US.
>Any thoughts?
>Film: My survival as an Aboriginal 1978 by Essie Coffey
>Film: Who killed Malcolm Smith? 1992 by Richard Frankland.
>Film: Land Bilong Islanders, 1989, by Trevor Graham.
>distributed through Ronin Films
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