Re: FABS Meeting this Sunday

Cecilia Hurt (
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 14:22:31 -0800 (PST)


Hello again! I was wondering if a location for this meeting had been
set? (This is my first midwinter conference, so I am uncertain about how
everything works. . .) :)


>>> 01/15/02 02:18PM >>>
ACRL/ARTS Film and Broadcast Studies (FABS)
Discussion Group
ALA Midwinter Meeting

upcoming this Sunday
January 20, 2-4,
New Orleans

We're taking another look at web-based resources -- this time on

Gender/Women's issues in film and video

This will be part of an ongoing effort to look at
Class/Race/Ethnicity/Gender in Film and Broadcast Studies.

Bring your own favorite sites and questions.

As time permits, we'll also return to the effort begun by the last

on establishing a web site in film and broadcast studies. We can take
gender/women as our starting point --

Please forward to any other relevant lists --
and excuse me if you get this more than once,
Look forward to seeing you --