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Hello from Australia. According to our National Bibliographic
Database the copyright is held by Channel Four Television
Corporation in the United Kingdom. The catalogue record also says
this is an Oxford Television Company production for Channel Four.

A search on the web has produced the following contact details for
Oxford Television Company:

Oxford Television Company
Contact: Jenny Matheson
6 Erskine Road
Tel: 020 7483 3637 Fax: 020 7483 3567
Email: oxfordtv@easynet.co.uk

I hope this helps.


re: This is Modern Art

One of our faculty has requested that we purchase the above series on video.
According to the best information we have, the program was broadcast as a
4-part series in 2000 on ABC's Channel 4 in Australia, as part of their
"Sensation" program, and was narrated by Matthew Collings, who is also the
author of the book by the same name (This is Modern Art). We have
conflicting information as to who produced the series: Oxford Television
Company (London?) or College of Fine Arts (London). We have already Queried
ABC and Channel 4 who replied that they do not own the distribution rights.

Any leads regarding the availability of this series for purchase, and from
whom, would be most appreciated. Even an address for Oxford Television
Company or College of Fine Arts (London) would be helpful.



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