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Tue, 8 Jan 2002 07:21:04 -0800 (PST)

DVD is one of several mediums we use at Bronx CC. Our rules and regs are
simple and straight-forward with respect to the use of all items in our
media center.
Damaged items that are clearly used by more than one Instructor and students
must be replaced. Repeat offenders are advised of this policy up front.
Students and faculty are given clear instructions on the use of DVD's as
many own CD's, and burn their own music. Care is easy. We have a simple care
section in our handbook which we point out to everyone when they take out
our dvds. No matter what you buy, continued damaged will destroy the item.
It's one of the reasons I did not bother to by CDFender or the one you are
using. Because our collection is relatively small, we can check each item as
they come in for damage and or scratches. Because my budget does not allow
me the luxury of excusing a fine, we charge for the cost of the item. When
the party sees our actual invoice for the price we paid, they are keenly
made aware that taking "care" of the dvd while it is in their possession is
Alot of this is common sense on use, but we have found that getting the
information out to our students and faculty on how to use our items properly
has saved us alot of money and extended the life of many of our items in the

Hope this helps.

LaRoi Lawton, Director
Gerald S. Lieblich Learning Resource Center
Bronx Community College/CUNY
Bronx, NY
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Subject: DVDs repair

> We have just started to collect and circulate DVD's.
> Our main problem has been protecting the DVD from damage, they are
> circulating once maybe twice and coming back with scratches that hinder
> play.
> Yes, I own a Skip Doctor, it works great the 1st or 2nd time, but when
> of these DVDs need to be put in the Skip doctor every time they circulate,
> the DVD is a goner.
> What I'd like to know is how other Libraries handle the return of damage
> materials?
> Do you charge the patron for damage DVDs?
> Which is the best high end machine for major scratch repairs?
> Has anyone tried the shields, I have had limited success, they will work
> some machines and not others. Here in New Mexico we have a problem with
> static electricity, we are very dry, so the shields that use static to
> stick to the DVD, pucker. Any kind of hints/comments would be greatly
> appreciated. Thank
> Elise Vidal
> Media Technician
> Thomas Branigan Memorial Library