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As far as I know, there are multiple standards for DVD, and depending on the
player you have, it is either set to one particular standard or can accept

Standard players select the fifth DVD played as the format which it will
accept. After the fifth DVD, it will only play the DVD's with the same format
as that one. It is possible, however, to buy DVD players which will not set
to any one format, as it is possible to but multi-standard VCR's.

Margaret Porter wrote:

> Colleagues,
> I just received a request from a faculty member for a this product:
> Robbe-Grillet on DVD
> A double DVD, released jointly by Les Impressions Nouvelles and IMEC,
> provides a much fuller version of these important interviews, with a total
> running time of about 6 hrs 15 mins. It will be of particular value to
> schools, colleges and universities, resource centres, international
> cultural centres and lovers of literature in general. This interactive DVD
> will enable viewers to explore Alain Robbe-Grillet's life and work
> according to their individual interests. The accompanying booklet contains
> details of all the topics available for search.
> The format is only described as Digital Betacam DVD
> (http://www.lespierides.com/)
> Since this is produced in France, does anyone know if standard DVD players
> and workstations with DVD drives can be used, or is DVDs produced in Europe
> different (such as video cassettes and PAL or Secam formats).
> Since my primary function is selection of videos and DVds I'm pretty
> ignorant regarding technical aspects. Thanks so much for any information.
> Margaret
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