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John Holland (
Tue, 18 Dec 2001 11:19:28 -0800 (PST)

There is no such thing as a "book rental store". With books you either buy your own
copy or you borrow it from the library. There is a huge and legal industry out which
makes its money off of "renting" videos. Many of these stores do not sell videos at
all. For a library to loan videos, it is putting itself in direct competition with
the video stores, and as I said previously (though I was not at CPL when videos were
introduced, so I can't say how much impact it had on the decision to charge rental
fees) there was a lot of flack in the video store industry about libraries loaning
out videos for free, when they were trying to make a living off the same thing, AND
were paying taxes that supported the library!
There really is no comparison to books, or if there was it happened a few centuries
ago when public libraries first came into existence.

Jerry Notaro wrote:

> John Holland wrote:
> > That we (and most other public libraries
> > that I have run across) charge a nominal rental fee for theatrical feature
> > films came into being mainly to appease video store owners who were protesting
> > that libraries were giving away what they were trying to make a living off of.
> Bookstores could make the same claim. Do you charge a "nominal rental fee" for
> books?
> Jerry Notaro

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