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Thu, 13 Dec 2001 08:24:53 -0800 (PST)

The correct title of the video is
NEW HARVEST, OLD SHAME (Frontline series).
We have it in the State Library collection.
We purchased it years ago from the PBS.

Angie Suhr

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Subject: "Old Harvest, New Shame" - search

Holiday greetings, videolibbers!

Do any of you know if this film, a follow-up to the Edward R. Murrow
documentary, "Harvest of Shame," is available from a distributor or a film
maker? The only verification I have of it is from SUNY at New Paltz's
filmography about the migrant experience. It is listed there as a PBS
1990 video, tho' no other credits are listed. It's not in WorldCat or RLG
databases which I find unusual. Web searches lead only to New Paltz. I
would expect many of you to own it, but there's no trace of anyone else
holding a copy. What am I missing?
One of our profs found it on the web and wants it for next semester.
We'll appreciate any leads.
Jane Agee,
Duke University