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Gena Zelenka (
Tue, 11 Dec 2001 10:51:28 -0800 (PST)

I think SWANK films has a better deal because they deal with more studios
than MPLC. Price came out to be the same for me, though. For a public
library they base it on size of population and # of card holders. It's a new
branch of SWANK that they just started. Gena

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Subject: MPLC (Motion Picture Licensing Corporation)

I'm a reference librarian for a consortium of (mostly public) libraries
in Northern California. Some of our member libraries are considering
obtaining public performance licenses from MPLC (Motion Picture
Licensing Corporation.)

According to their website at, MPLC offers an
umbrella license to libraries and other nonprofit organizations for
public video performances that are not covered by educational use
guidelines. The cost of the license is based on the number of patrons

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who is familiar with MPLC, regarding
cost of the license, what types of films they offer, and any other

Thank for any information you can provide. I will summarize for the
list, if there is interest.

Jean Hewlett
North Bay Cooperative Library System, Santa Rosa CA