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Yes, it would be wonderful if professors who request films and videos would
have the title and a distributor. However, the reality is that this is
exactly the kind of queries film & video librarians field every day. We
feel fortunate if the prof has the whole title; we frequently are presented
partial titles, sub-titles or a single word within the title. I, too, have
a prof who reads the New York Times and wanted this film for a course next
semester, tho' he understands that it won't be available.
Part of our jobs are these goose-hunts, and I suspect most of us relish the
searching and tracking or we'd not be in this speicalized area of
Lastly, this is one of the wonderful benefits of this listserve, i.e. being
able to tap into our colleagues knowledge. So Jessica, thanks for the web
addresses. And thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
Best, Jane
Duke University

Jessica Rosner <> on 12/07/2001
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No way. It is small company called Avitar AND THEY HAVE NOT YET OPENED IN
THEATERS. I must say Rhonda you get the most aggressive professors. Before
they drive you crazy may I suggest that you REQUIRE them to basically PROVE
( it if is a FEATURE FILM) that film has IN FACT been released in the US
theatrically. In Fact I would make THEM find a NEW YORK TIMES REVIEW of a
film before sending you out to look for it. I realize you are a good
librarian but it is just silly to send someone out to look for films that
either have yet to be released or that have been out for maybe a week and I
notice they seem to do this A LOT. Basically a film SHOULD become available
anywhere from 4 to 12 months AFTER it's release. It is true that some
might go straight to video an bypass theatrical but if so , you would find
them at AMAZON, Facets, etc. Too many professors read some article in an
academic journal ( or in the case of KANDAHAR, The New York Times) and
they should be able to get in on video next week. I think that onus should
be on them to do SOME amount of research to determine IF the film is
released in US or why they have any reason to believe it is out on video

Again I am ONLY refering to FEATURE FICTION FILMS, and in most cases
films. It just drive me nuts that academics think anything ever made has to
be on video

Good Luck

Jessica Rosner
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