Designing the ideal library media center

Mike Boedicker (
Thu, 6 Dec 2001 09:58:04 -0800 (PST)

If your library can wait this long, you might be interested in attending
VRT's program next summer at ALA Annual: "Media Centers in the 21st
Century." It will feature a panel of media librarians, library architects,
and others in the field and should be helpful.


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>Subject: Designing the ideal library media center
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>Here's a chance to mention those great features in your own media center =
>is or perhaps to shout out for a facility that you know about where you =
>wish you worked! The University of Louisville is in the process of =
>renovating our existing undergraduate ("main") library which will include =
>a sizeable addition. Our media department will have completely renovated =
>space, likely in the new wing.
>Many of you have gone through similar process or maybe going through one =
>now. I know it is impossible to guess where the cutting edge becomes the =
>bleeding edge with such plans, but I would be very interested in a wish =
>list based on the wealth of wisdom and experience found on this list.
>In terms of our own situation, we have a moderately sized collection of =
>videos (2500 VHS and DVD). Currently they circulate to faculty, staff and
>grad students (undergraduate with permission). Our collection is =
>primarily documentary with few feature films relating to curriculum. We =
>have some audio tape, primarily spoken word (poetry but no recorded =
>books). We also house the library's CD and DVD ROM collections
> titles and government publications, not music). We do no production or =

>media or equipment distribution/scheduling. We maintain viewing carrels =
>and viewing rooms. We currently have open stacks but are open to another =
>1. What are the top five things you would want if you could start from =
>scratch to set up a university library media facility?
>2. Where are the media facilities and collections that we should know =
>about (or visit) for examples of "the way to go..."?
>3. Should we be assuming that in ten years we'll be seeing a practical =
>(digital) method of centralized serving for video/media throughout the =
>university network? If that seems likely, should we continue to
>e for now on high quality local distribution, traditional carrels and =
>viewing rooms and a flexible (not permament) layout and design?
>Any other comments or suggestions would be more than welcome. Thanks in =
>advance for your time and thought. You can respond to the list or to me =
>Best Wishes

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