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Here at Bronx Community College we have a high school on our campus. We
also have several academic computing labs that have many workstations. Our
policy is to let any student with the proper ID to use our facilities. The
rules and regs. are posted on each terminal. All students must sign in, and
give up their ID cards which are placed in a numbered slot which coincides
with the number on the assigned workstation. No ID card, no use. Because our
workstations (12 in all) are stationed directly in front of the main
reference desk, each student signing in is reminded of the rules and regs.
The rules are simple and straight-forward. Emailing is allowed in any
academic computing lab, not our media center. Chat rooming is not allowed
anywhere on campus unless course related. We are vigilant, and computer
experienced so that we can assist, access, and determine what some of our
more sophisticated and novice oriented students are doing each time they sit
at one of our terminals. What this requires is an understanding of student
needs, and wants as we were all students at one point in our lives. Many of
our students are understanding and realize that our mission is promoting
education through research. While we allow for plain surfing at times when
students are not pressed with assignments, we gently let them know that
certain types of sites are "no-no's"
in our area. The idea is to promote responsible use of our area so that
students feel they can come in, get a workstation, do viable work that will
enhance their GPA and overall understanding of the course(s). What this
requires from us is vigilance, understanding and a communication style that
is not offensive or overbearing. Our young people are constantly doing
things with pc's that we may find outrageous and offensive. These must be
dealt with in a definitive manner. Policy statements must be clear and
straightforward. No ambiguities, no loopholes. All staff and personnel must
be made aware that this is a team effort-not a "that's not my job attitude".
the policy must be consistent for all parties involved.

Hope this helps.

LaRoi Lawton, Director
The Gerald S. Lieblich Learning Resource Center
Library & Learning Resources Dept.
Bronx Community College/CUNY
Bronx, NY 10453
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> (roping videolibers into discussion; original message at bottom)
> This is something that I've also been wondering about. However, our
> circumstances are a bit different. Even though we are a university
> meeting the needs of our regional public is part of our mission statement.
> As a result we have a fair number of youthful patrons (middle school and
> high school age) using our Internet terminals (which are also our index
> catalog access terminals).
> Are there any university or college libraries out there who have a similar
> mission? If so, how have you addressed the CIPA issues? My biggest
> is chat-room activity, and how we might monitor or curtail that.
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> > I have been asked by our library director to check on Internet policies
> > from other libraries in New Mexico, particularly changes that may have
> > been made or will be made to Internet Use Policies as a result of the
> > Children's Internet Protection Act.
> >
> > Currently, we have filters only on the four public access computers in
> > the Children's Room. Our current policy does not allow children under
> > 12 to use the computers in the adult section unless they are accompanied
> > by a parent or supervising adult. Minors ages 12 to 18 do use the
> computers
> > in the adult section, which up to now have been unfiltered.
> >
> > We will be adding filters to all the public access computers in the
> > section
> > in order to be in compliance with CIPA. However, we are planning to
> > the
> > filters on some of these computers turned off for adult use. We are
> > considering
> > maybe setting certain computers aside for use by minors on which the
> filters
> > will
> > remain turned on, and only allow minors under age 18 to use those
> > computers.
> >
> > We would like to know what other libraries are doing or will be doing
> > their policies
> > in order to comply with CIPA and still provide unfiltered access to
> adults.
> > Any input
> > concerning this will be greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Mary Leslie Schmitt
> > Reference Librarian
> > Alamogordo Public Library
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