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This is something that I've also been wondering about. However, our
circumstances are a bit different. Even though we are a university library,
meeting the needs of our regional public is part of our mission statement.
As a result we have a fair number of youthful patrons (middle school and
high school age) using our Internet terminals (which are also our index and
catalog access terminals).

Are there any university or college libraries out there who have a similar
mission? If so, how have you addressed the CIPA issues? My biggest concern
is chat-room activity, and how we might monitor or curtail that.
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> I have been asked by our library director to check on Internet policies
> from other libraries in New Mexico, particularly changes that may have
> been made or will be made to Internet Use Policies as a result of the
> Children's Internet Protection Act.
> Currently, we have filters only on the four public access computers in
> the Children's Room. Our current policy does not allow children under
> 12 to use the computers in the adult section unless they are accompanied
> by a parent or supervising adult. Minors ages 12 to 18 do use the
> in the adult section, which up to now have been unfiltered.
> We will be adding filters to all the public access computers in the adult
> section
> in order to be in compliance with CIPA. However, we are planning to keep
> the
> filters on some of these computers turned off for adult use. We are
> considering
> maybe setting certain computers aside for use by minors on which the
> will
> remain turned on, and only allow minors under age 18 to use those specific
> computers.
> We would like to know what other libraries are doing or will be doing with
> their policies
> in order to comply with CIPA and still provide unfiltered access to
> Any input
> concerning this will be greatly appreciated.
> Mary Leslie Schmitt
> Reference Librarian
> Alamogordo Public Library