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Could be The Son of the Sheik (1926)

Ahmed, The Son of the Sheik (Valentino), falls in love with Yasmin
(Banky), a dancer and the
daughter of a renegade Frenchman who leads a troupe of mountebanks and
thieves. When
Ahmed is captured by Yasmin's father and held for ransom, he is led to
believe that she has
tricked him; and when freed he abducts her, taking her to a desert camp.
He is about to force her
to submit to him when his father, the sheik, barges into the tent and
frees the girl. Later, Ahmed
learns that it was not she but rather her jealous admirer who betrayed
him. He follows Yasmin to
a dancehall, where a bitter fight with knives takes place; Ahmed emerges
victorious, unscathed
and with the girl in his arms. [From the AFI Index]

>Hi Vidlibbers,
>I just did a quick search for Rudolph Valentino documentaries and came up
>with some great titles but the professor is looking for one that
>specifically shows "footage of women being wired to graphs measuring their
>physiological responses to watching Rudy kiss Vilma Banky."
>Does this ring any bells?
>thanks for your help!
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