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Gary Handman (
Thu, 29 Nov 2001 16:28:20 -0800 (PST)

Diane (et al)

In the first five years of the Berkeley Media Center, we produced print
videographies which were mailed to a list of friends, departments, and
sundry others (we used a simple-minded file management program and a simple
alpha sort within list). As the collection grew, it became apparent that
this could not go on. It also became apparent that the majority of our
lists were ending up in the round files of our intended targets.

These lists were produced: (a) to circumvent the media-hostile catalog we
had at the time (b) to smash the tyranny of LC subject classification and
(c) as a relatively cheap outreach and publicity tool

The web changed everything for us. And I mean everything. We started
migrating lists to the web in about 1993 (around the same time the
library's online catalog took a turn for the better as far as format access
goes). The web has allowed us to further circumvent the tyranny of LC
subject headings (we don't need no steenking' headings! We organize our
lists according to what we know of patron use patterns; current
scholarship; programmatic focus on campus). The web has also allowed us to
add considerable value to these topical inventories by linking individual
titles to related print materials; online resources, etc.

Last year, the site was visited around 1.7 million times. It's difficult
to know how many of those 1.7 are Berkeley folk, but I DO know that in the
past 8 years, our circulation has increased almost 25%--I'm positive this
is largely a function of the improved videographic access provided by the
web site.

How we do it: We grab selected fields from weekly cataloging output for
MRC and cut and paste this into a standard HTML template. Not rocket
science. Although it is somewhat time consuming, I think it's one of the
most productive things we do.

At 12:47 PM 11/29/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello vidlibbers:
>I'm looking for advice from academic media librarians.
>Do you make (paper) video title lists available for patrons?
>Ours is an OPEN COLLECTION and so it is probably not
>necessary to provide such a resource, but....
>In the past we have had them available for browsing.
>We've had video, laser disc and dvd lists.
>The video list breaks down by feature and non-feature only,
>otherwise it is a simple alphabetical title list.
>I'd like to keep them, but the time required to update
>is a problem.
>Any feedback will be appreciated.
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