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Thu, 29 Nov 2001 14:19:25 -0800 (PST)


While most patrons here seem comfortable with the online catalog, our
subject mediagraphies on our website get lots of hits. I used to have
printed copies available but felt like it was a waste of paper to try to
keep copies of every list available. I am willing print a copy on request
but it's rare that someone asks since an electronic version is always
readily available.

To speed up the process of creating a mediagraphy, consider getting Procite
5 which enables you to easily grab citations off your online catalog and
format them however you like. For instance, this morning I made an
annotated list of filmmakers on film/films on filmmakers, a total of 40
citations, in about twenty minutes. It needs no more than thirty more
minutes of editing before I will put it up on our website.

Christopher Lewis
American University Library
Media Librarian

Diane Sybeldon
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11/29/01 03:44 PM
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Hello vidlibbers:

I'm looking for advice from academic media librarians.

Do you make (paper) video title lists available for patrons?

Ours is an OPEN COLLECTION and so it is probably not
necessary to provide such a resource, but....
In the past we have had them available for browsing.
We've had video, laser disc and dvd lists.
The video list breaks down by feature and non-feature only,
otherwise it is a simple alphabetical title list.

I'd like to keep them, but the time required to update
is a problem.

Any feedback will be appreciated.


Diane Sybeldon
Instruction/Media Librarian
David Adamany Undergraduate Library
Wayne State University
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