El Otro Franciso, and trilogy on VHS

Harold David Rennie (aa349@chebucto.ns.ca)
Sat, 3 Nov 2001 13:38:15 -0800 (PST)

This was posted on the listserv H-Caribbean, and I offered to cross-post
it to the videolib list. Anyone who has any leads should respond directly
to Victoria Pasley, unless you think the list as a whole would benefit
from knowing this information.

Hal in Halifax

> >Date: 26 October, 2001
> >From: Victoria Pasley vpasley@HOTMAIL.COM
> >Subject: Slave Revolts and the Movies
> >
> >Does anyone know where to buy El Otro Francisco or who distributes it?
> >have had
> >no luck with search engines. And are the other two in the trilogy
> >available on
> >VHS?
> >
> >Victoria Pasley
> >vpasley@hotmail.com