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Vitali, Elaine (
Fri, 2 Nov 2001 07:55:30 -0800 (PST)

I teach a Masters Course in Library and Information Science. I would
expect my students to research those topics for themselves so they would
learn who the distributors of media products are. Although we certainly
ask each other for assistance on various topics on this list, I think
your professor probably would prefer you research this information
yourself as a learning exercise.

Elaine J. Vitali
Media Services Librarian
Fanshawe College Library
London, Ontario

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Subject: Need Information!

Hi Videolibers!
Does anyone know the price of below equipments or vender information?
Please!let me know.

* a new 16mm film projector
* soundproofing for our viewing room (about 10'x20')
* media equipment carts, to hold TV, DVDplayer, etc
* automated viewing screen that descends from the ceiling
* 4-5 small TVs for carrels
* 1-2 DVDs for carrels (good ones that won't flip out over scratches)
* 2 new laser printers that could handle high-volume jobs (we'd need
if we automated the checkout, but not otherwise)

I need to this information for the "Technology Planning Project."
Thank you very much!

Don Kim
Graduate student
College of Library and Information Sciences
University of South Carolina.