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Thu, 1 Nov 2001 09:03:30 -0800 (PST)

The following contains excerpts that would be suitable for courses on
Renaissance arts. This 27 minute “live performance” documentary in
black-and-white dates from 1956. Note the cast.
Available from Creative Arts Television for $49.95 plus $5 shipping.

Songs, dramatic readings and poems from "the golden age" of English letters
-- 1550-1625. The chosen material indicates the Elizabethan preoccupation
with love, death, and the new knowledge of the world that was sweeping
Europe. Performers include Ed Asner, Jacqueline Brookes, George Peppard,
Charron Follett, Betty Wilson, Paul Maynard, and Russell Oberlin.

Includes samples from "The Dutchess of Malfi" (Webster), "Shoemaker's Holiday
(Decker), "Doctor Faustus" (Marlowe), "Come Be With Me and Be My Love" and
The Book of Common Prayer.

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