Fwd: short survey about TV viewing habits

Gary Handman (ghandman@library.berkeley.edu)
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 16:06:12 -0800 (PST)

For your amusement and assistance...


>From: "Denice Adkins" <adkinsde@missouri.edu>
>To: "Gary Handman" <ghandman@library.berkeley.edu>
>Subject: short survey about TV viewing habits
>Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 17:29:53 -0600
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>Hello! We would like to request your cooperation in filling out this short
>survey about your TV viewing habits. Our goal is to look at librarians, how
>they interact with media, and how they are affected by their interactions.
>Responses can be submitted to either of the researchers listed below. Please
>be careful not to reply to the list from which you received this survey.
>Thanks for your help!
>Denice Adkins, Assistant Professor
>SISLT, University of Missouri
>Christopher Brown-Syed, Visiting Assistant Professor
>University at Buffalo, School of Informatics
>1. Name the entertainment television programs you watch on a regular basis.
>Include shows on network and cable/specialty stations.
>2. Name the entertainment television programs that you watched last week.
>3. Do you watch television regularly?
>* Yes
>* No
>4. What type of library do you work in?
>* Academic Library
>* Archives
>* Corporate / Special Library
>* Library School - Professor / Instructor
>* Library School - Student
>* Museum
>* Public Library
>* School Library (K-12)
>* Other (If you specified "Other," please indicate which other type of
>library or information center you work in.)
>5. What is your job title?
>6. What is your main function in the library you work in?
>* Administration
>* Cataloging
>* Children's or Young Adult Services
>* Circulation
>* Collection Development
>* Outreach
>* Reader Advisory
>* Reference
>* Systems Administration
>* Other (If you answered "Other," please indicate what your main function
>7. How many years have you worked in libraries or in the information
>* Less than 1 Year
>* 1-5 Years
>* 6-15 Years
>* 16-25 Years
>* 26 Years or More
>8. What is your gender?
>* Male
>* Female
>9. Do you live with others (spouse, significant other, children,
>housemates) or alone?
>* Live with Others
>* Live by Myself
>10. Are you willing to be contacted if we have further questions? If so,
>please let us know how we can contact you. (Please make sure you do not
>inadvertently post personal information to the list from which you are
>receiving this survey!)
>** This survey has been widely cross-posted! With listowner permission, it
>VIDEOLIB. Please excuse any duplication.

Gary Handman
Media Resources Center
Moffitt Library
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