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Tue, 30 Oct 2001 10:55:55 -0800 (PST)


Sometimes tapes tend to stick in VCRs during the "change of seasons" period
where both temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate rapidly. Two
suggestions, make sure the tapes are stabilized at room temperature before
playing and it sometimes helps to fast forward and rewind the tape in the
machine before you play it. Moisture between tape and VCR heads can
sometimes lead to the tapes sticking. This has worked for me. Hope it


>I was just reviewing the discussion parameters for this list - I hope
>this falls within these. We have had a rash of videos getting stuck in
>various VCRs across campus within the last 3 weeks. In my four years
>here I have never had this happen. I know far too little about the care
>of videos and am unsure what to do about this. Some of the videos were
>removed easily and are still usable. Some of them are beyond repair and
>will need to be replaced. Although some of these VCRs get a lot of use
>(such as the ones in the dorm lounges), one of them was a brand new VCR
>in our area that was just installed in August. Some of the videos have
>been here for a while, but one we just purchased in August. I would
>appreciate any suggestions or ideas or solutions. If this is indeed
>off-topic, please e-mail me directly at
>Thank you in advance for your assistance!
>Beth Cox

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