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MPI Home Video manages the WPA Film Archive, a pretty astonishing
collection of news footage. They also have a 10-tape set called THE 20TH
CENTURY: A MOVING VISUAL HISTORY, which I believe is culled from this
collection. It is available from FAR in VHS (#0500388228, $129.98 list) or
DVD (#0300028917, $64.98 list). Each volume is available individually also.
MPI also offers much of ABC News on video, including NIGHTLINE.

For more info visit our web site at or MPI's

Steve Bliss
Follett Audiovisual Resources

Margaret Porter <> on 10/29/2001
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Hi all,

A faculty member has asked me to help him locate videos that contain news
clips or newsreels, preferably arranged by decade.
Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks, Margaret

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