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Jessica Rosner (
Thu, 25 Oct 2001 07:43:30 -0700 (PDT)

Yes a quick review of the site shows that there are a fair number of illegal
tapes. Also the prices are so low that I am not sure that some of the other
ones that would look legit are pirate copies. For those of you who bought
from them, did copies of the "regular" titles like Children of Heaven or
The Wind will Carry Us come in the standard studio boxes?
Frankly this is part of rather big problem with foreign films were someone
in the US pretty much bootlegs the stuff for the local community. This is
rampant with Mexican & Indian films. For the most part a feature film which
is NOT available from the usual suspects ( Facets, Ingram etc) should be
viewed with suspicion. If this were a foreign book that was listed as
unavailable from any known publisher or wholesaler but some company you did
not know was offering Xeroxed copies , than I think you might wonder if it
was legit. This is what is going on with many foreign films. In reality
99.99% of films made outside the US are NEVER going to be legally available
here so that is a problem. The BEST solution is a LEGAL import on PAL or DVD
but many of these films may be hard to find and may not have English titles.

Sorry but the usual caveat of what looks to good to be true, usually is
applies to Iranianmovies. com among others

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