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Susan Weber (
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 11:24:21 -0700 (PDT)

San Luis Video Publishing has a lot of Horticulture, agriculture, plant
soil science, landscape videos.
formerly known as VEP (Visual Education Productions)
web: Info:
Tel. 805-528-8322

At 07:06 AM 01/10/24, you wrote:
>Good afternoon,
>I am looking for good sources on farming or agriculture. My
>experience is that videos on this topic are rather difficult to locate.
>Could you please let me know if you have any information about
>this topic. I would really appreciate that
>Thanks in advance
>Mrs Elsa Steyn
>Box 301
>University of the Orange Free State
>Bloemfontein 9300
>Fax: 011-27-51-4441009

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