Re: Whatever happened to Enzo Staiola?

Gary Handman (
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 10:04:12 -0700 (PDT)

Italian Films: Who's Who (by John Steward; McFarland 1994) lists
Staiola's last film as Spade senza bandiere (1960) and simply offers "He
eventually quit movies".

At 11:58 AM 10/16/2001 -0700, Jean Hewlett wrote:
>Can anyone suggest a source where I can find biographical information
>about Enzo Staiola, the child actor who appeared in "The Bicycle Thief?"
>Our patron is especially interested in what Staiola did after he quit
>making movies around 1960.
>So far we have checked:
>IMDB: Lists 10 films, DOB 15 Nov 1939, Rome, Italy. AKA Enzo Stajola.
>Current Biography: No Listing
>Gale Biography Resource Center: No Listing
>Biography & Geneaology Master Index: Lists one source, "Italian Films: A
>Who's Who" by John Stewart
>"Italian Films: A Who's Who": Lists DOB, AKA, and 13 films, says
>"...never recaptured the dynamism of his first role. He eventually quit
>Any further suggestions will be most appreciated! Thanks!
>Jean Hewlett
>North Bay Cooperative Library System, Santa Rosa CA

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