BEYOND MEDIA/OLTRE I MEDIA - call for entries

Marco Brizzi (
Sun, 14 Oct 2001 00:54:18 -0700 (PDT)

University of Florence – School of Architecture
Department of Architectural Technology and Design "Pierluigi Spadolini"


6th International Festival of Architecture in Video

B E Y O N D M E D I A / O L T R E I M E D I A

international architectural conference > Florence, February 7-10, 2002

workshops > January 21 - February 2, 2002
exhibitions > February 10-24, 2002

deadline > November 30, 2001

The International Festival of Architecture in Video is an event created by
the Department of Architectural Technology and Design "Pierluigi Spadolini"
of the University of Florence, sponsored by the Tuscan Region, the Province
of Florence, the Province of Prato and by the Municipality of Florence, and
organised by iMage.

The International Festival of Architecture on Video is a meeting point for
a discussion on communication technology in architecture, and its aims
include the presentation of the most recent works of communication,
documented on video, film and the new media; studies on project methodology
based on the application of audiovisual tools and digital systems for
architecture; research on teaching applications; a discussion on new theories.

> SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE. Giandomenico Amendola, Cosimo Carlo Buccolieri,
Romano Del Nord, Alberto Di Cintio, Paolo Felli, Enzo Legnante, Italo
Moscati, Peppino Ortoleva, Gianni Pettena, Carlo Terpolilli (co-ordinator)
> CURATOR. Marco Brizzi


The theme of the 2001 edition of the International Festival of Architecture
on Video is BEYOND MEDIA/OLTRE I MEDIA. What is the role of architectural
communication technology today? How do architects use the new media? What
new patterns are emerging in connection with architectural technology? What
vocational prospects are there for the new generations? The problems raised
by the arrival of the new media lead to an exploration of the various
spheres of contemporary production, from television to the cinema and the
Internet, providing plenty of room for research on digital communication
technology. The dissemination of communications systems redefines
professional roles and develops methods for planning, producing and using
architecture. BEYOND MEDIA/OLTRE I MEDIA will place the emphasis on the
most significant aspects of the changes produced by the media. It will
present a picture of the most interesting research and draw attention to
the consequences of using the media, with a view to defining the new
application scenarios.


Within the programme of exhibitions and meetings, as every year, the
Festival will host a selection of the best works of communication in
architecture. All the authors of videos and digital works dedicated to
architecture may take part in the 2002 edition of the International
Festival of Architecture on Video. There are expected to be recent works,
with no limitations as to provenance or duration, divided up into the
following categories:

> STUDENTS. For works of communication in architecture made within the
learning environment and for research conducted by amateur authors.
> PROFESSIONALS. For works developed in the professional planning context
and with the aim of communicating both projects and completed architectural
> DOCUMENTS. For general documentation works, analyses, dissemination of
architecture, of the city and the built environment.
> TECHNOLOGY. For works of communication and illustration of new
technologies for the management and transformation of the built environment.

Participation is free of charge. It is possible to enter video works (in
VHS, Beta, DVD, miniDV, AVI, MPG); websites and other artworks on CD ROM
(PC system); and projects for multimedia events and installations to be set
up during the exhibition.

Two copies of each work should be sent, complete with an entry form written
in English or Italian, (on paper and in digital format) containing the

> the category under which the work is to be entered;
> three sample pictures of the work;
> a written introduction to the work (approx 150 words);
> a short biographical profile of the author (approx 100 words).

The works will be appraised on the basis of their communicative efficacy,
level of innovation and originality and relevance to this year’s theme; the
works selected for the presentation at the Festival will be documented in
the catalogue and on the Festival’s official website. The best entries will
receive an award.


Participants should send their material so that it reaches the following
address no later than 30th November 2001:


The material sent in cannot be returned.


via Scipione Ammirato 82
50136 Firenze, ITALIA
tel +39 055 666316
fax +39 055 6241253


You can download this call for entries in A4 printable format at We invite you to circulate
the information within your Institute and to advise people interested in it.

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82, via Scipione Ammirato
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t: +39 055 666316 or 6241253
f: +39 055 6241253

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