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If the films are on cores then horizontal. If on reels then
vertical. Temp depends on if you use the films or not. A consistent
cool < 70 & dry if you use the films. You do not use the prints you can
drop the temp down , < 55. for better results. I don't believe vinegar
syndrome fumes will hurt paper. I would not store prints affected w/
vinegar syndrome w/ your clean prints. The problem w/ compact shevling is,
you want the most air flow possible through your prints & compact shelving
could hamper air flow.


At 06:28 PM 10/8/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear List Members,
>We are discussing storing our films in compact shelving with special
>collections materials or sending them to a storage facility. To help with
>planning, I have several questions about film storage. I'm hoping that you
>can answer them or point me to an appropriate source of info.
>1) is it best to store the film cannisters horizontally or vertically?
>2) what is the optimal range for temp and humidity?
>3) will the fumes of the aging/degrading film damage paper, if the film is
>stored in close proximity to special collections materials?
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