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Nora Dimmock (
Tue, 9 Oct 2001 06:55:45 -0700 (PDT)

I had a heck of a time getting a multizone DVD player for the Multimedia Center here at the U of R. I did find a distributor who carried the Pioneer model but it requires a multistandard TV! A multizone DVD will play Zone 2-6 DVD's but it won't convert the signal to NTSC for output to a regular TV or monitor. Ialso had very poor quotes for warranty service for several brands of MultiZone DVD players and no returns allowed. I just wasn't willing to take the risk.
I finally decided I needed to buy the Sampo which has a built in converter. If I was forced to buy the Pioneer (because it was available locally) I think I would have tried to tune the signal through my Multistandard VCR to convert it to NTSC. It might have worked, but it was a gamble.
I checked at least 30 distributors before I found a Sampo which was still codefree (they yeilded to industry pressure and "removed" the loophole in March which made them codefree"). I found a distributor on Staten Island who not only had the Sampo DVE-620 but would also accept an educational PO. I held my breath and ordered two- they arrived codefree as promised and we have been able to play French DVD's (Zone 2, I think) with Pal output with no problem. It also plays VCD's. If you can get ahold of a Sampo DVE-620 (I paid $220.00 each) I would recommend them.
Hope this helps!

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>>> 10/09/01 09:22AM >>>
Multizone DVD Players: who knows something about
them? Are they as good as advertised? Can they
really play DVDs from any of the world's regional
zones? Any drawbacks?

The model I'm looking at is the Pioneer DV-535
DVD, Video, and CD Audio Multi-Zone Multi-System
Player, which I found at
Any specific info, good or bad, regarding this
model? How about other models? Gracias!

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