RE: "Sunrise" and "Seventh Heaven" silent movies

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Ok, I am aghast. How can a legitimate company knowingly sell bootleg copies
produced by anyone? Why would they do this? (please don't tell me profit.)
I have copies of these. If I had known they were illegal copies, I would
have never purchased them. Now, the question is - should I remove them from
our collection? And, how can we know that what we purchase from Critic's
Choice - or any other vendor - are legal copies? We have had this come up
in a similar situation before - someone wanted to donate taped copies of the
Star Wars radio show to us. However, they were not legal copies, so we
didn't take them.

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. . .These have never legally been out on VHS or DVD -- though Critics
Choice was
selling bootleg copies produced by Killiam a couple of years ago and copies
may still be found on Ebay, most likely. However, they look terrible.

Dennis Doros. . .