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Judie Porter (
Mon, 1 Oct 2001 10:18:38 -0700 (PDT)

One more question:
We found Beyond the Veil in the Films for the Humanities catalog and the
title is 'Beyond the Veil: Are Iranian Women Rebelling." This is 22 minutes
long and interviews Islamic scholars. Is there another video called 'Beyond
the Veil: Afghan Women under Fundamentalism' also in Films for the
Humanities? I'm not finding that.
Are they the same and cover both countries??
Was the CNN video definitely Afghanistan? I didn't actually see it, but
that's what I was told. Thank you for your help so far.
judith porter

At 09:21 AM 10/1/01 -0700, you wrote:
> Just a follow-up. I don't think the FFH documentary is the same one
>that aired on CNN. Beneath the Veil is 60 mins. in length. The FFH
>program may be good, I don't know. I think we're running out of adverbs
>to use with "the veil." Francis Poole
>On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Patrick Walsh wrote:
>> Dear Judith,
>> I'm not sure if this is the same program but the title is very similar so I
>> thought I would post it. It's available from Films for the Humanities &
>> Sciences (pricing below.)
>> Behind the Veil: Afghan Women under Fundamentalism
>> For women living in Afghanistan under repressive Taliban rule, beatings,
>> rape, and enslavement are commonplace occurrences. This gripping program
>> describes the massive human rights abuses that have been escalating since
>> the withdrawal of Soviet forces, as seen through the eyes of women who have
>> survived years of rampant gender and religious intolerance--so far.
>> Resistance activities carried out by women's groups inside the country are
>> also documented, as they fight for freedom and democracy. Some content may
>> be objectionable. (26 minutes, color)
>> #EYA12113 Video: $129 Rental: $75
>> Patrick Walsh
>> Films for the Humanities & Sciences
>> 1-800-275-5126
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>> > Does anyone know if 'Beneath the Veil' is available for purchase? It was
>> > broadcast several times on CNN this weekend.
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