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Wed, 26 Sep 2001 10:20:07 -0700 (PDT)

In anticipation of these kinds of concerns, we bought a couple of
portable DVD players that faculty can check out and take home. Some
still have the phobia, but others have welcomed the service.

>Hello everyone:
>I have several questions I need your collective wisdom on, and I am hoping
>you can help:
>1. A faculty member wants a Billy Joel interview that he believes was
>shown on the program "Inside the Actor's Studio" last year. I think it
>might be another program, and perhaps another cable channel.
>2. Another faculty member wants to have video clips from the National
>Mourning ceremony featuring Billy Graham last week. I had difficulty
>accessing the site this morning, so I'm wondering what other
>sources I might try.
>3. Lastly, a policy question...We are considering changing our collection
>policy such that when a choice between DVD and VHS is available, we will
>opt for DVD, including faculty requests. Of course there will be those
>who might complain since they prefer VHS because that is in their comfort
>zone. The complaint I anticipate will be that most faculty who would want
>to preview films at home may only have access to a VCR. Has anyone
>tackled this issue?
>All replies are welcome!
>Many thanks and apologies for the multiple questions!
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