Kim Hale (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 09:43:10 -0700 (PDT)

Hello everyone:

I have several questions I need your collective wisdom on, and I am hoping
you can help:

1. A faculty member wants a Billy Joel interview that he believes was
shown on the program "Inside the Actor's Studio" last year. I think it
might be another program, and perhaps another cable channel.

2. Another faculty member wants to have video clips from the National
Mourning ceremony featuring Billy Graham last week. I had difficulty
accessing the site this morning, so I'm wondering what other
sources I might try.

3. Lastly, a policy question...We are considering changing our collection
policy such that when a choice between DVD and VHS is available, we will
opt for DVD, including faculty requests. Of course there will be those
who might complain since they prefer VHS because that is in their comfort
zone. The complaint I anticipate will be that most faculty who would want
to preview films at home may only have access to a VCR. Has anyone
tackled this issue?

All replies are welcome!

Many thanks and apologies for the multiple questions!


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