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On the issue of a discount for a replacement copy, do you think it
would make any difference if the original were purchased through a jobber
such as Ambassador or directly from the company? We are just starting to
use Ambassador and am curious as to whether it would make a difference with
the distribution companies if the initial copy was purchased through
Ambassador and then a replacement copy needed... I don't want to set
ourselves up for any problems in the future if I can help it...

Cathleen Cummings
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Hi Lorraine and All:

Having been the educational sales director in the past at the Evergreen
Video, Cinema Guild and Women Make Movies I thought I'd unlurk and put in my
two cents. At both the Cinema Guild and Women Make Movies you can purchase
a second copy for a deeply discounted price. You can also purchase a
replacement at an even deeper discount generally. Some companies also will
occasionally sign a document which indicates your intensions to make one
backup copy of the original tape and keep the original in your archive only
to be circulated if the copy you've made is damaged or lost. You have to
speak to each company. Most will try to accommodate whatever will further
the teaching process without costing them too much in sales revenue. I hope
this info. is helpful.

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> Dear ALL,
> I would like to hear from you if it is possible/legal to request for a
> backup copy of any AV materials whenever I place order for our library?
> yes, how to go about that? Is someone doing it?
> Look forward to hearing from you.
> Thanks in advance.
> Lorraine Lok
> AV Librarian
> University of Hong Kong Libraries
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